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Gilmorton History Group Newsletter - February 2021

With Covid lock down striking yet again the committee is still unable to meet. Our plans for 2021 are still on hold but we are monitoring the situation closely. Rest assured, as soon we can, we will be up and running.

In the background, we are still working away. However, the bulk of our work and the storage of archives is divided between two committee members on PCs and a laptop. These are our personal pieces of equipment and two of them are quite old in terms of computer technology. The laptop which often freezes is used quite often in our presentations.

We felt that almost everything should on one dedicated computer with standardised software, appropriate functionality and sufficient storage to meet our future needs. With this in mind, during December, we applied for funding from the Leicestershire CC Heritage Fund to acquire a suitable dedicated laptop. I can report that we were successful in our bid and we are now the proud owners of a much-needed piece of equipment.

There are some quite interesting documents appearing on “Spotted Gilmorton” recently courtesy of Malcolm Butcher so a big thank you to Malcolm for his interest in old Gilmorton and passing it on. There have been a lot of positive comments to his postings from people who seem to enjoy looking at articles from the past.

 So, for the newcomers to the village and even those who have been here a little while, we do have a thriving history group with a healthy membership. We look at all aspects of Old Gilmorton and usually put on regular events in the village hall throughout the year.

Once we are Covid clear, why not pop along to one of our events. You will receive a very warm welcome and the opportunity to meet other villagers. We pride ourselves on how the social side of our events tend to be as important as the practical side and many friendships have developed along the way. Keep a look out in the Village Newsletter, Swift Flash, our Web Site and posters around the village for information about the events.

Here on our Web Site, due to Covid and numerous personal issues, there had been little progress made in uploading our archives, but we are now beginning to get our heads above water and many new items are now available. You can simply view an article or it is available as a free download. A little later in the year we do hope to upload all the photographs that were taken during “Gilmorton Lockdown 2020” as another of our village archives.

Back in June 2019 we ran an event all about walks around the village and we produced a handout to enable folk to do the walk, identifying some of our historic buildings and landmarks and giving a few brief, interesting and unknown facts along the way. The handout also included directions, a map and pictures of some of the buildings. For the benefit of newcomers (and even the not so new) it is a great way to learn a little about our village and its interesting past. With so many people walking the village during lockdown this document may be a useful addition to their walk.  It is now available here on our Web Site as a free download.

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